About my walk


Misha Jensen in walking gear

My name is Misha Jensen.  I am going to walk the 177 mile walk of Offa’s Dyke for Link Ethiopia. Link Ethiopia is a charity dedicated to supporting education in Ethiopia and increasing cultural awareness between young people in Ethiopia and the UK. The Offa’s Dyke Path is a long-distance walking route which runs for 177 miles (283km) along the England-Wales border. It connects Chepstow, on the Severn Estuary, to Prestatyn, on the north Wales coast.
I know this walk won’t be easy but I’m really excited about it!

Are you wandering about my gear in the photo? Take a closer look at the staff… It’s a staff with a claw on the top. This is not the one I will take on my walk but the one I normally use!

21 comments on “About my walk
  1. Abby says:

    Misha you look great and ready to go! So excited for you – take lots of pics!!! Miss you >kisses<
    -Auntie Abby

  2. Hannah says:

    Hi Misha its Hannah i wish you safe
    travels on your walk let me know
    and update me on how your doing!:)

    -Hannah Rasmussen:) miss you!

  3. Niki Jewett says:

    Wow Misha what an amazing adventure and challenge. Have you started already? We will be rooting for you. From Niki Colin Oli and sky Xxx

  4. Niki Jewett says:

    Hi again Misha, sorry i re read your first email and realised you have already told us you are leaving on the 29 th of June. So we will see you before you are off.

    Niki x

  5. chrissie and juice says:

    Hi Misha, really happy that you have found a long distance path you want to tackle. Take care and have fun, it will be a real adventure. Are you camping? with love and blessings Chrissie and juice x

  6. stephridout says:

    Look forward to following your walk via your blog Misha,enjoy it and take lots of pictures to show us.Steph Numberten

  7. Rebecca Eve says:

    Hey Misha, wow very impressed, how long will it take you? Next time you can come to Morocco and take me up Tubkal in the High Atlas have always wanted to go. Good luck and Finn and I will be reading your blog with great interest. Best of luck. Beccie & Finn xxx

  8. Noeline Beesley says:

    Hi Misha
    What a great challenge you’ve set yourself! Wishing you fun times & not too many blisters!

  9. judith Hammond says:

    All the very best Misha…The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

  10. Gail Jensen says:

    How was the Hadrian’s Wall walk? A good tune up I’ll bet.

  11. elizabeth stanley says:

    Hi Misha, I do wonder where your hiking wil take you as you grow older – to the corners of the globe???

  12. Kathy Kelly says:

    Hello Misha , great challenge you have set yourself , good luck with the walk x

  13. Erik, Meg, Owen and Shaner says:

    Good luck Misha. Safe and fun travels!

  14. christopher and annabelle says:


    Have a great adventure! Come tell us tales in Colorado in September.

    Love from all the Steamboat Stones

  15. Gail Jensen says:

    Safe and happy journeys for you Misha. I’ll be thinkk about you over the next three weeks. Look forward to seeing you in September.

  16. Rangana Oliveira says:

    Hi Misha. You are almost there. What an achievement!

  17. Susan jardine says:

    Hi great to see you finished your walk Misha with Mum . Bob and Susan Jardine Western Australia

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